How to Exfoliate Your Skin: A Guide


Today, discuss how to exfoliate your skin to improve texture, pigmentation, and fine lines / wrinkles Shop everything mentioned in this video here: https://shopmyshelf.us/collections/10530 0:00 Intro 1:07 Benefits of Exfoliation 2:52 Mechanism and Types of Exfoliants 5:18 Choosing the Correct Exfoliant 10:06 What Age to Start 12:34 Cautions and Safety 14:33 Final Thoughts 15:44 Bloopers Body Scrubs for Keratosis Pilaris: FAB KP Eraser: https://myshlf.us/p-84926 Exfoliants for Dry Skin: Biossance Lactic Acid: https://myshlf.us/p-84927 Ordinary Lactic Acid: https://myshlf.us/p-84928 Exfoliants for Normal Skin: Krave Beauty: https://myshlf.us/p-84929 Drunk Elephant TLC: https://myshlf.us/p-84930 Exfoliants for Oily / Acne-Prone Skin: Paula's Choice BHA: http://pcskin.care/drshah (15% off) Exfoliants for Sensitive Skin: Ordinary Mandelic Acid: https://myshlf.us/p-84932 Inkey List PHA Toner: https://myshlf.us/p-84933 High-Strength Exfoliants (use with caution): Ordinary Peeling Solution: https://myshlf.us/p-84935 Paula's Choice 25% AHA 2% BHA: http://pcskin.care/drshah (15% off) **Favorite Skincare Products** https://www.amazon.com/shop/doctorly https://shopmyshelf.us/shops/dermdoctor​ http://pcskin.care/drshah​ (15% off Paula's Choice) You can find us on Instagram: Dr Shah: @Doctorly​ Dr. Maxfield: @Dr.LJMaxfield You can find us on TikTok: Dr. Shah: @DermDoctor Dr. Maxfield: @Dr.LJMaxfield **Affiliate links help to generate revenue to support the channel. Always shop for the best price**

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